Our mission was to acknowledge the problems in the hair extension industry and take steps to overcome them.

These three features distinguish Covet & Mane as the innovative leader in Hand-Tied Hair Extensions.


Proprietary Cut-Point Wefts
Allows you to cut and tailor hand-tied extensions to your client’s without the weft shedding or unraveling.


Silicone Free Hair
Delivers a natural texture upon arrival and blends seamlessly with your client’s hair.


Expertly Sourced Hair
Meticulously dyed to deliver cool and brass-free colors that won’t fade. Tone and deposit color fast and consistent.



Featured Specifications:

  • Each hand-tied weft is approximately 11.5” wide
  • Each weft weighs 16 grams
  • There are 8 wefts per package in full packs and 4 wefts in half-packs
  • Each weft has 2 unique cut-points wefts at the final inch of the weft
  • The hair has a finished length of 20”
  • 90% of the hair is at least 18” long for extreme density and thickness

Featured Specifications:

  • Each hand-tied weft is approximately 11.5” wide
  • Each weft weighs 20 grams
  • There are 6 wefts per package in full packs and 3 wefts in half-packs
  • Each weft has 2 unique cut-points wefts at the final inch of the weft
  • The hair has a finished length of 23.5″
  • 90% of the hair is at least 22″ long for extreme density and thickness


Covet & Mane stands apart with our innovative palette of brass-free colors. This diverse palette is derived from a proprietary process that begins with selecting hair that has a cool, blue-black base vs. warm, red-black base, ensuring that the hair can lift to the most platinum of blondes. Learn More About Our Process.

Brunettes & Reds

Hand Tied Hair in 22"


8A Hand Tied Hair
Blonde Hand Tied Hair Extensions in
blonde hair extensions

Rooted & Balayage

Dubai Hand Tied Hair
colored hair extensions
Bali Half PAck
Hand Tied Hair Extensions in Blonde
Rooted Blonde Hair Extensions
blonde hand tied hair extensions
Cape Town

Covet & Mane’s Cut-Point Wefts™

Hand-Tied Hair Reinvented

The biggest frustration with hand-tied wefts is that they can’t be cut without unraveling. For years, stylists used super glue to seal the wefts or folded them or layered them to avoid this drawback. But these solutions created issues of their own. Covet & Mane has reinvented hand-tied hair with our patented cut-point wefts

  • 4 Cut-Points on each weft
  • Cut-Points allow you to customize the weft to fit the dimensions of different clients without unraveling the entire weft


A transparent peek into our process. Watch Full Video.

We ethically source our hair from the Western regions of China. Women are fairly compensated for their hair and then it is brought to the factory for a meticulous sorting process.

Sorting The Hair

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Every bundle is tested to ensure it is virgin & cuticle Intact hair. The hair is meticulously sorted by whether it has a blue or red undertone to determine if it can be dyed blonde. We only use hair that can be bleached to blonde (even for dark hair), so that it remains cool over time.

Testing the Hair

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Covet & Mane uses a proprietary process to ensure the cuticle remains intact & aligned throughout the entire coloring process. While we can’t show you the process, take our word for it – this process is unique and the key to ensuring tangle-free hair extensions.

Color Prep

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First, the hair undergoes a slow & precise de-pigmentation process. The color is lightened by an oxidation method that uses a proprietary blend of lightening agents to preserve the cuticle integrity.


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During the Re-pigmentation process, precise attention to detail is required. We use a permanent textile dye that stains the cortex of the hair to ensure color longevity. The hair is constantly agitated for thorough & even color saturation.


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Every bundle of hair is washed at least 30 times. During cleansing & conditioning, proprietary treatments are constantly reformulated to respond to seasonal changes.
The hair is smoothed before it is air-dried to allow for a silky feel without silicones or fillers.


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The short hairs are removed from every bundle to ensure that the hair is thick from root to tip. Over 90% of our hair is at least the quoted length.

Double Drawn

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The hair is weighed and sorted for precisely customized color formulations. The hair is now ready to begin the hand-tying process.

Color Blending

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It takes a woman one hour to make each hand-tied weft. It takes one day to make one bag of hair!
Our hand-tied wefts use a proprietary cut-point weft feature that allows the hand-tied weft to be cut without unraveling.

The Hand-Tied Process

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We’ve talked endlessly with professionals like you and listened to your concerns. Our biggest takeaway is this: You’re only as good as the hair you work with. You want to be able to confidently charge for hair extensions, without tangling, shedding, or brassiness. Our aim is simple: provide you with the best-in-class hair you and your clients can rely on, always.


We promise to maintain strict quality standards to deliver your products on time (every time), our aim is to help you set your hair extension services in a class of their own.


We promise reliability you can trust. Covet & Mane has perfected the science of hair-extension logistics. This means managing inventory so that the colors you want are always in stock (so you’ll never have to disappoint a client again).


We promise nonstop ingenuity. Our team is made up of ambitious, beyond-the-box thinkers that never rest on their laurels. We’re always on the front lines of the industry, collaborating with stylists, researching trends and developing new products tailored to your needs.

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