If your account has yet to be activated, these are some of the criteria we look for when approving an account:

  • Level of Experience
  • Certifications in Hand-Tied Hair Training
  • Editorial and/or Agency Affiliation
  • Current/Past Partnerships & Brand Collaborations
  • Education, Training & Shadowing Programs
  • Projected Monthly Order Volume
  • Social Media Presence

In addition to meeting the above criteria, we approve accounts based on meticulous product forecasting and our commitment to stylists to be a reliable source for the colors they need, making sure they are always in stock.

Please note, there is a waitlist for all new accounts. Applying for an account does not guarantee access to purchase. Account access is invite-only via email.


Relationships with our clientele are paramount to the success of the brand. We rely heavily on collaboration, as well as consistent feedback to constantly find ways to innovate. This requires intimate relationships with our clients. It’s this collective community that sits at the foundation of Covet & Mane’s success.


Founded by a former buyer & distributor in the extension business, Covet & Mane aims for extreme precision in forecasting & inventory management. We’ve watched what happens when brands are available to the masses – disaster in quality control, sacrificing brand standards to keep up with demand, lack of vetting & training sources buying the hair, etc. Stylists lost confidence in their work and clients no longer trusted their stylists to deliver tangle-free, long-lasting extensions. You get the idea.


We created this brand from that experience, understanding first-hand exactly what not to do, and building a brand genesis & ethos committed to superior quality control and reliable inventory control.

Yes, once your account is approved we will arrange for you to purchase a color ring.

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