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With Covet & Mane, you’ll find premium quality and expert craftsmanship at the core of everything we create, not just our innovative cut-point wefts. That means no matter if you’re at your station or off the clock, you’ll always have a little bit of luxury at your fingertips.

Sleep by Covet & Mane

This 5-piece silk sleep set provides a healthy, damage-free alternative to creating smooth, heat-free waves — saving time in the morning with a ready-to-go-style. Sleep by Covet & Mane retains your hair’s natural moisture and shine while preventing friction and breakage while you sleep. Wake up to effortless and heat-free waves after a peaceful night of beauty sleep using this set.

Set Includes:

  • Silk WaveRod
  • Silk Turban
  • Creaseless Silk Scrunchies
  • Claw Clip

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